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We're #1 in Hacker for Hire

We work with the best to provide the best and guarantee results. If we can't do it, no one else can, Guaranteed.

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Incredibly Responsive

We strive to have the fastest response times, fastest customer service and fastest project completions.

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Superior Technology

We have spent years developing cutting edge technology and spend every single day working on improving so our clients get the very best.

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Results Guaranteed

No one else can guarantee results. If we cannot complete your project no one else anywhere can.

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About The New Neighborhood Hacker

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The New Neighborhood Hacker LLC

Originally founded in 2011 NHH has been the premier hacker for hire company in the world or years. Servicing clients raging for desperate house wives to celebrities and prominent politicians.

Over the years NHH has proven to be a strong source of the most professional and ethical hacker talent time and again. In December 2015 the NHH management started negotiations with RCS international and eventually agreed on the sale of NHH.

Re-launching in early 2016 with a new management team and enhanced customer service geared toward optimizing the NHH processes to provide a streamlined and dedicated customer experience. The new Neighborhood Hacker LLC was launched with the customer in mind and promoting the best people into the right positions to ensure that the new Neighborhood Hacker LLC had the clients best interest at heart. Offering round the clock support, shorter project times and guaranteed results for our customers.

Our Hacker for Hire Stats

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15 Days

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